HUNT Race Aero SuperDura Rim


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Fast, Aero, Light, Wide and a rider weight limit of 130kgs. THE rim for powerful riders.

31 DEEP | 24 WIDE Ext | 19 Wide Int | 500G

The Race Aero SuperDura utilises our strongest rim material in the tried and tested profile from our Race Aero Wide wheels. We've pushed the boundaries on rim design here and added even more width (24mm external and 19 internal) and depth (31mm) for extra grip, comfort, low aero drag and low rolling resistance advantage. It's also important to note that widening the rim increases the air volume for any given tyre size thus creating better shock absorption which is especially useful for higher loading/more powerful riders. The Race Aero SuperDura uses a 24mm wide outer and 31mm deep rounded profile rim made from Niobium enriched aluminium alloy. Niobium aluminium alloy is a proprietary material developed by our rim supplier and uses an advanced T10 heat-treatment process. The process delivers outstanding weight, stiffness and durability meaning rims can be wider for 25 and 28mm tyres, deeper for better aero performance, light for excellent climbing and acceleration and capably handle the increased loads and torque that more powerful riders can dish out.

At HUNT, we enjoy the puncture resistance and grip benefits of tubeless on our every-day rides so we wanted to allow our customers the same option, but of course all our tubeless-ready rims are also designed to work perfectly with clincher tyres and inner tubes.

H-Lock tubeless-ready rim bed profile. H-Lock is our tubeless-ready rim bed profile with up-kicks to the shoulders of the tubeless steps which help to create a great rim-well seal for first installation and easy sealing of tubeless tyres. The H-Lock profile also locks the beads in place more securely once seated. This is especially important when running lower pressures or riding off-road.

Detailed Specifications


  • Tubeless-ready – designed to work excellently with normal clincher tyres and tubes or tubeless tyres. Tubeless rim tape offered separately.
  • H-lock bead-seat up-kicks for easy and secure tubeless installation
  • Niobium – T10 heat-treated aluminium alloy.
  • 24mm outer and 19mm inner width ideal for 23-45mm tyre widths
  • 31mm deep rounded aero section
  • Precision machined rim brake track
  • Matt black anodized finish with laser etched graphics for low weight with excellent durability.
  • Maximum tyre pressure for this rim is 100psi when used with 25-28mm tyres. Maximum tyre pressures for other tyre sizes: 30mm - 32mm do not exceed 70psi, 33mm do not exceed 50psi, 35-45mm do not exceed 45psi, 45-50mm do not exceed 40psi. 100 psi is more than enough for any rider on road. The maximum pressure of your tyre may be lower than the maximum pressure for the rim - never exceed the maximum pressure written on the side of your tyre
  • Suitable for tyres from 23mm up to 50mm wide.
  • ERD 579mm
  • Lacing:
    • Front - Radial
    • Rear - Cross 3
  • Recommended spoke tension:
    • Front - 105-120 kgf