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Claire Frecknall

Claire riding in the alps

Name: Claire Frecknall

Hometown: Worthing, West Sussex

Years riding: Since I was a kid, but more seriously and further afield for around 6 years

Longest bike ride: 270km offroad

First Bike trip/ adventure: St Olavsleden across Sweden and Norway in 2017

Favourite ride snack: Dried fruits and nuts for on the move, Yoghurt drinks or Choco-milk at snack stops

Wheels of choice: My 30 Carbon Allroads are probably my most used wheelset as I use them with both gravel and road tyres, but I love my 650 Adventure Carbon Discs for when I head out to the mountains

Cycling Highlights: So many options here but Veneto Trail last year was absolutely stunning and I met such an incredible bunch of people

Follow Claires adventures

Follow Claires adventures