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SON hubs, the most efficient dynamo hubs in the world | Options to suit everything from winter training on the road, to bike-packing off the grid | Engineered to last

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Wheelset - Pre-Order Jun Wk 3
Front Wheel - Pre-Order Jun Wk 3
Rear Wheel - Limited Stock
Wheelset - Pre-Order Aug Wk 1
Front Wheel - Pre-Order Sep Wk 1
Rear Wheel - Limited Stock

These Dynamo wheelsets will truly transform the way you ride. Each one is equipped with a dynamo hub, which includes a small generator that passes magnets over a copper coil as the wheel spins. This produces an electrical current. Simply connect the hub to your electrical device, such as your dynamo bicycle light, and power it as you go!
We don't just sell wheelsets either, because we also stock everything you need to maintain and repair your wheels. From high-quality bike tyres and rims to our spares and adapters, you'll find exactly what you need to keep riding at your best.