HUNT 50 Carbon Wide Aero Rim


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Ultra-light-wide cutting-edge rim design. Super-Stiff. Wind-cheating. Scary-fast.

50 DEEP | 27 WIDE Ext | 19 Wide Int | 515G

High-performance technology that will deliver you to the finish every time. A strong and seriously wide yet lightweight carbon rim with an aero-rounded profile for excellent handling and speed. Basalt ceramic fibre brake-track excellent braking on even the longest descents. The rim dimensions are wide at 27mm (19mm internal) which creates a great tyre profile giving excellent grip and lower rolling resistance.

High TG (glass transition temperature) resin provides extremely reliable braking and durability for longer descents. We select our rim manufacturers for their expertise in rim design, resin technology and resistance to braking heat build-up. We also laboratory test all our rims to very high braking temperatures (200 degrees C +) to push their limits. The high-temperature resins that we use for our HUNT Griptec Braking surfaces and rims are designed and do perform, to extremely high levels of braking heat build-up. As well as this lab testing we also ride test our carbon rim brake wheels with regular testing trips in the Alps to ensure the wheels are put through their paces on long, steep and fast descents such as the Galibier, Telegraph and Croix de Fer. We have even set several top 10 Strava times on famously taxing heavy braking twisty descents on our rim brake carbon wheels, including The Lacets de Montvernier - please click here to see the segment details and watch the video.

Detailed Specifications


  • Tubeless-ready – designed to work excellently with normal clincher tyres and tubes or tubeless tyres. Tubeless rim tape offered separately.
  • Toray T700/T800 unidirectional and 3K weave carbon-fibre with 3K weave bed and spoke areas.
  • 27mm outer and 19mm inner width ideal for 23-45mm tyre widths
  • 50mm deep super-wide rounded aero section
  • Griptec basalt ceramic fibre brake-track
  • Matt black base finished with gloss black and white contrasting graphics.
  • Maximum tyre pressure for this rim is 100psi when used with 25-28mm tyres. 100 psi is more than enough for any rider on road. Click here to listen to a podcast exploring the science of why lower pressures were found to be faster by pro teams. Maximum tyre pressures for other tyre sizes: 30mm - 32mm do not exceed 70psi, 33mm do not exceed 50psi, 35-45mm do not exceed 45psi, 45-50mm do not exceed 40psi.
  • Please do not exceed the maximum pressure stated on your tyre.
  • Suitable for tyres from 23mm up to 45mm wide.
  • ERD 541mm
  • Lacing:
    • Front - Radial
    • Rear:
      • Non-Drive Side - Radial
      • Drive Side - Cross 3
  • Recommended spoke tension:
    • Front/Rear - 105-120 kgf