London Cyclist Mason x Hunt 4 Season Disc review

Our ever popular Mason x Hunt 4 Season Disc wheel set has received yet another fantastic review, this time from London Cyclist.

'These wheels can do much more than road miles or winter training. They are light, stiff, really well built and as 'future proofed' as you can get in this age of ever changing standards. Great value for money'

As winter draws in fitting a 4 Season specific wheel set to your bike begins to make more and more sense. We have designed the Mason x Hunt 4 Season disc wheels to withstand the worst of the winter conditions including fitting brass nipples to resist salt corrosion and EZO double sealed bearings to keep your wheels spinning smoothly in the very worst wet weather. Even with these benefits weight remains svelte at only 1585g, you'll be saving anything up 1/2 Kilo of most wheels that come fitted to disc road bikes so you will be happy to continue riding these wheels through spring and well into summer.

The Mason X Hunt 4Season Disc wheel set is currently available from stock in very limited numbers and available for next day dispatch, please don't miss out, order now!

November 12, 2015
Tags: Road/CX