Angus Young's
European Tour Divide

HUNT Beyond rider Angus Young is well past the halfway point of his 7600km odyssey across Europe and on track to his target time of 35 days. Angus is riding the European Divide Trail, a predominantly offroad route starting in the far North of Norway and finishing at the Southern tip of Portugal. Angus is setting out to be only the second person to complete the entire route in one go. Such a journey requires reliable gear so Angus has chosen the well proven Mason InSearchOf  bike fitted with HUNT Search 29 Dynamo wheels to enable him to power his lights and charge his electronics.


For a full run down of Angus’s bike and gear setup have a watch of his bikecheck video here:

You can follow Angus on the rest of his journey on his tracker page here.


Good luck Angus!

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August 04, 2022
Tags: Beyond