Moya Johansson’s Dare TSRf

Proudly presenting my 2020 race bike…

Dare is a newer bike brand, with big ties in Asia and Norway. I came across this brand while on a training camp in Asia and really liked what I saw. The bikes are wind tunnel tested with great numbers being produced. I like a lot of the features on the bike, including multiple options to set up the front end (16 different stem configurations), multiple mounting options for drink bottles/bento boxes (stem, top tube, down tube, seat tube), reversible fork rake (aggressive/stable), and a window on the down tube to store and access the Sram Blipbox/Di2 battery, and of course, complete cable integration.


I am running my brand new Hunt 52 Carbon Aerodynamicist wheelset. Unfortunately, the tubeless tires I ordered are still in the post, so I have put my clincher training tires on (Vittoria Rubino Pro) for the time being. Paired together with the integrated system the Dare TSRf provides, I'll be flying. I've got a race set of the Hunt 62/82 Carbon Aerodynamicist coming which I'm stoked on testing out in the coming weeks.

The bike runs full Sram Red Etap (11 speed) and a Quarq Powermeter. It is my first time using electronic shifting and I have to say that on a TT bike, I have found it hugely beneficial to be able to change gears from both the base bar (helpful when climbing) and from the aero bars (when ‘getting aero!’).

I have chosen to run the Sync aero bars and arm cups. I mounted the aero bars below the handlebar to get my front end lower. I wrapped ‘marine grip tape’ on the end of the aero bars as I like the feel and the look of it. 

I like to have a drink bottle between my arms, which is mounted from the bike stem. I have a ‘hydration foil’ (from Revolver Componentry) that raises my drink bottle above my forearms. This means that my drink bottle doesn’t dictate the width of my elbows, as most people test narrower elbows to be faster. I am very comfortable in this position, so I am very happy with this setup.

I run an Elite Chrono aero bottle on my seat tube to hold my race nutrition (I use Infinit Nutrition which is a completely liquid-based nutrition plan, meaning no messy gels or wrappers to hold and dispose of during the race). That also means I don’t need to run a bento box or tape gels to my top tube. I just have to finish the bottle before the end of the bike – easy!

And there you have it!

I can’t wait to put some kilometers into my new Hunt Wheels. I have not run tubeless tires before so that will be new and exciting. I have seen lots of data to suggest that these wheels are going to be FAST!


June 12, 2020