Mark Beaumont sets new North Coast 500 record

Mark Beaumont has set a new record on Scotlands North Coast 500 route. The North Coast 500 is a 500mile route around Scotlands Northern Coast line starting and finishing in Inverness. Mark set out on his fully supported effort aiming to beak the previous record of 29 hours & 6minutes, utilising the fastest bike and kit he could get his hands on. He fitted out his Argon18 E119 timetrial bike with HUNT's 73 Aerodynamacist front wheel and HUNT's TT Tubelss Disc Rear Wheel for optimal speed on the route. Mark was able to keep his pace consistent and stops to a minimum closing in on the record in the second half of the ride. He stopped the clock in 28hours 34minute breaking the existing record by half an hour.


GCN were on hand to document the ride and you can watch the video about Marks' attempt and bike set up below:

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October 19, 2022
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