Further is a brand new bike packing race based in the Ariege department of France. Despite the growing number of bikepacking and ultra races on the calendar, Further stands out as something a little different. The brain child of cycling photographer Camille McMillan, Further aims to showcase the Ariege region of France in the form of an autonomous adventure bike race. The event is aimed at more than just racers though, the Further Rally allows supporters and families to gather and enjoy the long weekend while the race is on.

The race is based in a relatively compact area by ultra standards, however don't let this fool you onto thinking it will be easy. The Ariege boasts some of the highest mountains in the Pyrenees and plenty of long lost forrest roads and mountains passes. The race route is dictated by a series of Sectors and check points which must be completed in chronological order. The check points vary from tarmac climbs, to gravel roads and high altitude hike a bikes. Bike selection will be a tricky decision. Riders will need a bike that's fast on the road but capable off road. A compromise will need to be found to tackle the roughest tracks but still allow plenty of speed on the tarmac, but still be light enough to shoulder and carry when needed.


The inaugural race is invite only with 10 women and 10 men all competing on equal terms. In future years the event will be open to all and will undoubtedly be one of the most hotly anticipated events on the calendar.

We are supporting the first event and will be in France to bring race coverage and updates on the action, stay tuned to the @hunt.beyond instagram for all the news.

August 14, 2019
Tags: Beyond Zapier