Lisa Pfeiffer:
Race Around Rwanda

Words by Lisa Pfeiffer

The Race around Rwanda was a special experience - I was ready for an adventure and Rwanda delivered. Breathtaking views, tough gravel sections, smoothest tarmac you can imagine and meeting riders and locals every day made it an unforgettable experience. It was a good example of what surprises unsupported ultras can hold in store: starting this as an adventure rather than a race, suddenly things changed and I raced to the finish as the second woman.

Lisa riding at night
Lisa fixing a puncture at the side of the road
Lisa posing with school kids

Doing an ultra in Rwanda can be challenging at times, since you have nearly no private sphere, the country is densely populated and as a westerner with a fancy bike you will get some stares. Most people were unbelievable kind though and I was more than once overwhelmed with gratitude to be riding in such a beautiful part of the world and experience the kindness and curiosity of strangers.

Lisa riding past a group of kids

I found new friends & learned new's probably the most intense way to explore a country - not like a tourist in a car, having a safe space, but fully putting yourself out there on a bike

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March 07, 2023
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