Winter riding is a time to reset plans, plough through the worst and be ready for the new year. We want to celebrate this notion, and give you an extra incentive to head out when others turn away.

This festive season, score a top ten in a segment with over 100 people which is over one minute and we will give you a free cap! Simply send us an email with a link/screenshot of you top ten Strava segment to with your postage address and full name and we will send you a Hunt cap! 

Winter is a hard time for any cyclist. Racers will be out building their base miles and the non-racers/Truistas will be setting their epic plans for the warmer months to come. Riding through the cold, wet, mud and grime presents a different type of challenge, and a different kind of satisfaction to follow. Often thought to be a period of long slow rides - lets buck that trend and hit out some efforts!

Needless to say, stay safe out there and respect all road rules/regulations. Ride for tomorrow.
December 19, 2017
Tags: Road/CX