OPEN DEV | Cycling the Dolomites

Hunt Open Dev team member Chris Hall was lucky enough to spend a few days tackling some of the biggest climbs that the Italian Dolomites have to offer. Chris reports on his trip:

A few days in Italy, it would be rude not too! On a ride organised by Traverse Aravis   a group of Ripcor riders ventured on this search for the best climbs that Italy and The Dolomites have to offer.

Hunt OpenDev | Revolve 24

Hunt OpenDev rider Jonathan Calow reports from the Revolve24 24hour road race around the iconic Brands Hatch motor racing circuit:

“I don’t think we’ll be taking it that seriously Jonathan” said Josh back at the end of August after I’d agreed to be part of the Hunt Bike Wheels / Bike Channel team to ride the Revolve24 24hour endurance race at Brands Hatch. I wasn’t so sure that this would be the case, as joining Josh, Hannah and myself from Hunt on the Bike Channel team were former Southampton University riders Henry Nixon, George Crammond and Tom Key, all quality racers with an appetite for riding fast.

OPENDEV | Italy Mountain trip

Hunt Open Dev Team members Chris Hall and Elvis Presdee have just returned from a trip to the Italian Alps on which they tackled a number of Iconic passes. Below are a selection of photos from their trip...

Coast to Coast

Chris Hall recently cycled a Uk classic, the coast to coast. Read his report of the ride below:

Day One

We started our coast to coast adventure with the intention of tackling 4 National Parks and areas of outstanding beauty across Northern England, these being The Lake District, The North Pennines, The Yorkshire Dales and The North York Moors. There was always going to be plenty of stunning views and climbing to tackle along with some steep descents. 


8 days 15 hours 2 minutes. That is the winning time for the 2016 Trans Continental Race by returning 2 times winner Kristof Allegaert of Belgium. But what happened to the 2015 winner our Hunt Wheels Brand Manager Josh Ibbett? Read on to find out.

170 miles. Not quite the impressive trip across Europe that I had anticipated when I set out from Geraadsbergen 12hours earlier but my body still feels battered as a slouch against a grey wall in the small French town of Romilly-Sur- Sienne. Fatigue feels so much heavier when you know you are beaten. I’ve eaten all my food, drunk my rehydration drink, even drunk another recovery drink yet still the cramps are there.

The human body is a fickle thing. It can be pushed hard by the mind, beyond what even seems feasible yet sometimes it just says no, or non as they say in France. As I sit there weighing up my options my mind begins to run over the past few years. Suddenly the feats of the past 2 Transcontinental races seem ridiculous. How on earth did I push that hard? How did I force myself to carry on riding single speed when I was injured in 2014? How on earth did I force my self-awake and onto my bike every morning in 2015? It all seems so easy when you are on top of your game yet here I am unable to ride without cramping whilst the leaders ride off into the day, the first day at that!

The truth is I am not strong enough. I already knew deep down, but I’ve learnt to override body with mind. Just keep pedalling it will feel better soon, just eat some food and it’ll be fine, just have a quick nap and carry on. These are the things I normally tell myself to keep myself moving, however this time I know it just won’t work.

Ripcor Richmond 24

We are very pleased to be able to support  Chris hall and Chris Pressdee of the Ripcor cycling club with our Hunt 50 Carbon Wide wheels for their upcoming Richmond 24 Challenge.

There is nothing like a charity based challenge to motivate and inspire, but thinking of something which will make you get out there and put the miles in come rain or shine can be a battle in itself. So when Chris ‘Baloo’ Hall and Chris ‘Elvis’ Pressdee, two friends and avid cyclists who ride for Berkshire based cycling club Ripcor, decided to fund raise for the club’s chosen charity, The PACE Centre, they wanted to do something which would be a true test of their abilities and inspire people to donate to a truly amazing cause.

VIDEO REPORT | Josh's Tuscany Trail 2016

580km around the beautiful Tuscan hills and mountains in the early June sunshine. That’s what I imagined when I entered the Tuscany Trail and I wasn’t far wrong. There was certainly hills and mountains, mainly of the super steep variety, the trail was indeed 580km long and the Tuscan countryside is fantastic. However, as one might expect, it rained! Not a gentle shower, this was full on biblical rain.

I lined up at the start in the Piazza in Massa alongside over 500 other riders to tackle the Tuscany Trail. The rain had momentarily paused to at least allow the spectators a dry experience however normal service was assumed as soon as the race started.

My race tactics were to pedal and not stop. As obvious as that might seem not many people generally try and complete the trail in one hit with no sleep. I had pretty much ruled out any sleep with my light equipment and bike setup. My brand new Mason Titanium prototype was packed with the bare essentials, warms layers, a rain jacket, a stash of Torq energy products and (much to my annoyance) a pair of shorts and a tee shirt I had to carry so I could wear something clean at the finish and on the flight home. I had deemed by Bivvi bag as too much extra weight so had decided to leave it at home, my compromise was a Gore rain jacket with a hood that I could sleep in if required.


Hunt Bike Wheels Brand Manager Josh Ibbett is taking part in the Tuscany Trail event. The Tuscany Trail is a 500km self supported bike-packing event around the mountains and Strada Bianche...

OPEN DEV | Rob Harwood's Welsh Weekender

The Llyn Peninsula in the far reaches of North West Wales is wild, beautiful and a heck of a long way from anywhere. It might not be as remote as some parts of the highlands but this thin slip of land jutting out into the Irish sea certainly holds some history. From Smugglers coves that litter the northern coastline to the pilgrims trails that all point to the Island of Barsey on the Southern tip. The Llyn Peninsula is a last bastion of the Welsh language and Welsh culture as a whole. 

I’m very lucky to have family ties to the area, and have been visiting since before I remember.  Most school holidays and term time breaks included some time at the Cottage in Llangwnadl visiting our grandparents and exploring the narrow lanes, steep roads and coves dotted all around the peninsula.

Event | Dirty Reiver 200km Gravel Ride

Had a 200km event consisting predominantly of gravel Forrest tracks been suggested a few years back many people would have laughed. I mean who would want to ride around gravel tracks on a mountain bike for 200km? The answer: not many!

Yet here were are lined up at 7am at the start line of the Dirty Reiver a 200km gravel race or ‘non-competitive challenge’ in the eyes of the law and relevant insurance companies due to the Uk’s restricting land access policies. Not only are more than 200 people lining up for this non-competitive challenge race, the vast majority of them are lined up on wholly inappropriate bikes!

An Adventure in Scotland | Rob Harwood Hunt OpenDev

An Adventure in Scotland | Rob Harwood Hunt OpenDev

Rob Harwood, Hunt OpenDev Team member, has recently spent a long weekend cycling in the far north of Scotland. Here is his report:  Sutherland, Loch Assynt - March 2016  I’m...

VIDEO | The Search for the Holy Gravel

Hunt wheels brand ambassador Hamish Paine and brand manager Josh Ibbett recently went on a trip to the Pyrenees in Southern France to explore the gravel mountain roads. Hamish has...