Step into the MASON barn, and the first thing you’ll notice (aside from the stunning Bokeh, Definition and Resolution bikes lined up) is the amount of inspiration hanging, leaning and positioned on the 300-year-old walls. Everything from guitars to workshop tools to skateboard decks (including the entire Chocolate ‘Bar’ Series!). There is no denying that Dom Mason takes inspiration from outside the cycling world and puts that into work – and work it does!

"There are very many 'Mason Design Studio Tracks', but here are 5 that come to mind."

Dom Mason

Music holds the same position for Dom. It plays a large part in cocooning off distractions and paying attention to every single detail in the design of the bikes. Fittingly, we reached out to Dom and asked him to compile a list of 5 songs which he makes bikes to.


March 06, 2018
Tags: Road/CX