Jason Black is relatively new to the long distance cycling game. In fact his first race was Bikingman Oman last year, but he's quickly learning the ropes and fine tuning his engine to excel at the longer end of the cycling spectrum. Jason raced on the road as a teenager, but he felt out of love with the sport in what was the somewhat tainted era of the early nineties. Since then he has focussed on his businesses and mountaineering. Jason has climbed K2, one of the hardest peaks in the world and it was an experience that has shaped him. He is a strong all-round athlete and has now turned his attention back to his first love, the bike.

Jason is currently participating in his longest race to date, the NorthCape 4000, a 4000km race from Turin, Italy to NorthCape, the northernmost point in Europe which sits within the Arctic Circle.

Earlier in the year Jason raced the Bikingman Laos race and took his first win in Ultra Distance cycling. Ryan Le Garrec was on hand to document the ride which can be seen in this fantastic video.


July 31, 2019
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