Starting on Friday December 16th, I am attempting to cycle 107 kilometres a day, every day, until Saturday April 1st. 107 days in total.

That's 11,449km - or the equivalent of cycling from London to Geneva, Switzerland, every week for 15 weeks in a row.

The Pace Centre is a school dedicated to transforming the lives of children up to the age of 18 with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy. Completely self-funded, it's founded on the firm belief that every child has the ability to learn and make progress, whatever physical or sensory challenges they face.

Each of the 107 children that attend the school face their own monumental daily struggle. Every element of their day requires complex planning. Not only by the teachers - who create tailored programmes to fit each of the kids' needs - but also by their families just to get them to and from the school each day.

These kids are the inspiration for the challenges I take on. I know I'm bound to face a few struggles throughout the 107 days. But, then again, we all struggle. 

At least 107 kilometres must be ridden each day. Roll-over is not allowed. All distance must be covered on the road or a Wahoo smart trainer due to their accuracy. Rollers are not allowed. Official distance will be recorded via Wahoo's ELEMNT, then uploaded to Strava. 

I'm not a pro, I don't have a support crew, I do have a job. I want to attempt to see what it's like to live every day where every second needs meticulous planning. And if the smallest detail is omitted, the following day will be even harder. There's no chance to rest. 

If you want to keep up with how I'm getting on, I'll be checking in daily and sharing my journey on Instagram (@chrishallrides) and Strava ( 
Today is day 29, over a quarter of the way through the challenge, there have been some real tough days due to work commitments, having to stay in the office late, mechanicals, snow or increasingly bad weather coming as it starts to get colder. 
There have, however been some special moments with the people I have met on the way in these 29 days. The discussions, laughs and company have been priceless and unbelievably flattering. The key thing is to remember why we do these challenges and the children at PACE are the inspiration.
January 13, 2017
Tags: Road/CX