Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. We hope you actually received some cool bike stuff for Christmas rather than too much chocolate (which we can't resist but makes us even slower!).

We have been busy over the festive period updating the website images for our new 2016 range. We are especially pleased to have uploaded detailed images of the graphics on our new range of carbon wheels. We hope you'll agree that the stealth gloss black decals look incredible on the satin matt finish rims and are sure to add that head-turning look to your bike.

Of course looks are nothing without performance and we now offer four models of tubeless-ready carbon wheelset for both disc and rim brake use, as you'll see the light-weight figures stack up favourably and especially when the incredibly 26mm aero boosting rim widths are taken into consideration.


Many of you are now enjoying the benefits Of tubeless wheels and all our wheels give you the option to run tubeless, now or in the future, by having true tubeless-ready rim bed profiles. Our carbon wheels also benefit from being tubeless-ready too. Manufacturing carbon rims that are truly tubeless-ready is not a trivial matter and proprietary patented techniques are used. We have worked tirelessly with our rim factory to ensure incredibly accurate bead-seat diameters and inner rim profiles during production so your tubeless tyres will seat and seal excellently. We'll be discussing the technology and processes behind our carbon tubeless-ready rim production in an upcoming blog. For now though take a look at the new range and start dreaming of those fast spring miles, time to get the training rides in!

HUNT 38Carbon Wide Disc Road Wheelset | 1529g | 38Deep 26Wide | £949. The 38 Carbon wide disc wheelset is blisteringly fast all round disc brake wheelset with an ideal balance of Climb/Descend/Flat performance. 

HUNT 50 Carbon Wide Disc Road Wheelset | 1612g | 50Deep 26Wide | £999. Our 50 Carbon Wide Disc wheelset is designed for speed. The super wide 50mm deep Aero rim will cheat the wind and make your disc brake road bike scare those guys on TT bikes ;-)

HUNT 38Carbon Wide Aero Road Wheelset | 1483g | 38Deep 26Wide | £899. Will maximise your performance in mixed terrain the 38 Carbon Wide Aero wheels utilise a super wide semi-aero rim profile to give you a perfect balance of climbing, descending and aero performance.

HUNT 55Carbon Wide Aero Road Wheelset | 1549g | 55Deep 26Wide | £1099 with Tyres. The ultimate race wheel package designed to make you super-fast! Using H-Lock technology paired with Schwalbe One Pro tyres this wheelset is scary fast with a low rolling resistance and fantastic aerodynamic performance.

Its not just carbon wheels that are being introduced for the new year. The launch of our all new Aerolight Disc wheelset offers you the chance to own the the fastest (we think) £ for £ wheels you can buy for your disc brake road bike. The Aerolight disc will save weight from your bike and improve aerodynamics thanks to bladed spokes and a semi aero rim profile which of course is tubeless-ready.


The ever popular Mason x Hunt 4 Season Disc wheelset is also now available from stock for the first time with next day dispatch. Also in stock now are: 4 Season Dura and 4 Season Aero rim brake wheel sets.


December 26, 2015
Tags: Road/CX