Hunt Brand manager Josh Ibbett has travelled to New Zealand for the winter, to work on some new projects for Hunt Wheels. Find out more in the first part of his New Zealand blog:

Hunt wheels are a very modern forward thinking company. I joined the Hunt team as Brand manager at the beginning of summer and am happy to say that Hunt is the best company that I have ever worked for. We are a small but passionate team who work closely together to produce the best wheels possible for real world riders and most importantly we enjoy what we do. Riding is an integral part of our company, we all need to ride and so our flexible hours allow us to fit in families, rides and adventures around real life.

We have all worked hard over the summer developing our fully comprehensive tubeless road rim brake and road disc brake wheelsets and are now content that we have an offering for all tarmac related situations. We have even developed a Gravel specific wheelset which presented an ideal opportunity to rattle down some gravel tracks in the Pyrenees, all in the name of producing a better wheelset for you (honest!).

The next logical step for us a company is to find more dirt! We don’t stick to one cycling discipline and Mountain Biking is strong in all of our hearts. As we speak we are working on some top secret prototype mountain bike wheelsets to test over the winter. As the Uk winter is notoriously wet and muddy I have migrated to the southern hemisphere for the winter months. This wouldn’t be possible without Hunt’s modern day approach to business as I will still be working online, albeit from the New Zealand and Australian summer. My spare time will be spent riding some of the incredible trails these countries have to offer testing our new Mtb prototypes on all types of terrain. The aim is to finalise our new Mtb wheel range and launch it to just in time for the European summer and be able to offer you the very best Mtb wheel range possible.

I’ll be writing a regular blog over the next couple of months and of course will still be keeping up to date with emails and all customer service related enquiries.

December 09, 2015
Tags: Road/CX