"Honestly, it's the best setup I've used. I mean the whole tubeless setup. I haven't lost a race through puncturing all year. Never had that before..." - Harry Tanfield

Hunt Bike Wheels is proud to announce our continued and developed partnership with Canyon Eisberg (formerly BIKE Channel Canyon) for 2018. Following some experimentation with some key races throughout the 2017 season, the team has decided (autonomously) to move away from the conventional approach of running tubular race wheels, to using over 80% tubeless Hunt wheels for both racing and training. 

We're thrilled to be rolling with the team for a second season, following what was (by all accounts) an exciting and dynamic first year. From our perspective, there is extra cause for celebration as the team has decided to adopt an almost entirely tubeless set-up for the upcoming season. What's even better, is that we didn't even ask them to do it! This represents the team's progressive approach to performance, which began when Chris Opie won the Perfs Pedal in the team's very first race - on a tubeless tyre which had a puncture that had sealed itself! This was compounded by the riders like Harry Tanfield, known for his forward-thinking attitude towards performative benefits, and Max Stedman taking a UCI stage race victory on our all-new (tubeless) 36Carbon Wide Aero. Maxxis have again provided the team with their Padrone 28c Tubeless tyres, following great results achieved on them last year. The choice to run 28c tyres in almost all competitions again represents Canyon Eisberg's refreshing approach to modern bike racing. Here's what a couple of the riders and a team mechanic had to say about the team's shift towards tubeless...

"Punctures are a thing of the past and the set up just feels so much more supple on the rough road surfaces where I live and train. I can run 28mm tyres with 55psi and feel like I am floating without giving away any speed or power"Chris Opie

"HUNT's new 36s roll fast, accelerate fast and climb fast. Makes me wish I'd gone tubeless earlier, all-round mega wheels..."Max Stedman

"Tubeless is the way forward. With compound changes and pressure drops vs speed and efficiency, it all goes together as a complete no-brainer. These hoops roll... they purr like a cat and pull like a rhino!"Lee Askew (Team Mechanic)

Rhino imagery to one side, working alongside such a talented group of young professional riders allows us to yield useful and practical data and feedback. This feeds directly into the development of our wheels, allowing us to provide better products for real-world riders out there - whether racing at the highest professional level, or just riding recreationally for fitness and pleasure. 


Team Equipment

Here's a quick run down of the wheelsets the Canyon Eisberg boys will be running this year... 

50Carbon Wide Aero | 1537g | 50Deep 27Wide

The go-to racing wheelset for the team. This is the most numerous wheelset the team will have this year - and for good reason. Wide, tubeless capability, unparalleled stiffness, and wind-cheating profile. 

36Carbon Wide Aero | 1417g | 36Deep 27Wide

New for 2018, barring a very special prototype set that young talent Max Stedman has already won a UCI stage race on, at the Tour of Quanzhou Bay late in 2017. The ultimate climber's wheels, yet pack serious descending capabilities with wide profile rims for enhanced grip, and the same super-low engagement hubs found across all of the team's wheels. 

3650Carbon Wide Aero | 1477g | 36/50Deep 27Wide

The best of both worlds. Choice of the all-round racer. Tubeless-ready, race-ready, and unbelievably capable.

Sprint Aero Wide | 1497g | 31Deep 24Wide

Our all-new Sprint Aero Wide will be the team's alloy choice for racing and training. The first alloy wheelset we've designed using the low engagement SPRINT hubs, and in an eye-catching high-polished silver finish. You won't miss the guys when they're out on these!

45Carbon Wide Tubular | 1379g | 45Deep 25Wide

The 45Carbon Wide Tubular wheels were the primary wheelset of the team for 2017, however they have moved much more towards tubeless for 2018. Nonetheless, a few of the all-round racing tubular wheelsets will still be used for certain competitions.

5580Carbon Wide Tubular | 1498g | 55/80Deep 25Wide

The 5580s will be used when absolute maximum aero gains are required, such as in some of the flatter inner-city criteriums, as well as for some time trials.



Eisberg Wines have stepped up their sponsorship for this season, following their already-significant involvement with the team in 2017. They have replaced BIKE Channel as a title partner, following the media outlet's collapse in September. As well as developing relationships with existing partners, new partners include technical clothing brand dhb, as well as ROTOR. As well as the announcement of the new title and partner list, the team has also announced its 2018 roster, featuring five new signings including track star Andy Tennant. To read more on the new signings please go to https://canyoneisberg.co.uk/former-world-champ-heads-five-new-recruits/

For more information and to read the team's official release, please go to https://canyoneisberg.co.uk/eisberg-step-up-as-headline-partner/  


January 12, 2018
Tags: Road/CX