Many talented mountain bikers have started their journey in BMX, the primary skills it gives you is undeniably going to set you up to be a very capable bike handler. From a young age Chloe Taylor was on two wheels, and as she was introduced to the world of BMX racing she quickly racked up the results.

Chloe riding on a pump track

When the funding for the British Cycling program was dropped, Chloe made the decision to change her paths and make the switch to mountain biking. She threw herself in at the deep end; going from sprinting down the 8m start ramp and sending huge jumps, to entering her first Enduro World Series race as a U21.

Chloe getting some air
Chloe negotiating a rock descent

Racing an EWS round is not a feat to be taken lightly, spending six hours in the saddle riding up mountains to race back down them. Racing through tight trees and sketchy rock gardens. A discipline to test your physical endurance, power, skill, and mental resilience… Quite the difference to a max 30-second sprint against seven other people on a BMX track! Needless to say, Chloe took it all in her stride.

After two successful years of racing the EWS, Chloe is now putting in the hard work over the offseason to have an even better year of racing in 2021. We decided to make this short film so Chloe could tell the story of her young riding career, as well as show off her riding skills at the local pumptrack and woods.

Chloe riding loamy trails

Rider - Chloe Taylor
Video by Martha Gill
Photo's by Kieran Kenney


Chloe riding on the pump track
Chloe riding a berm on the pump track
Chloe turning into the corner
Chloe riding in the woods
Chloe getting some air
Chloe getting ready to descend
Chloe riding a rocky trail


Taking a spill
Chloe's Privateer
Hunt Enduro Wide Wheel
Caked in mud
February 05, 2021
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