Hunt Beyond was created to focus on developing wheels for those riders who don’t quite fit into the ‘normal’ cycling bracket. We all know that one person who just has to go a little too far, not content with ‘just’ riding 100miles they are the ones that would ‘just’ ride 150miles off road instead, or go on a family holiday to Spain and ‘just’ ride there. Or ‘just’ disappear for a month and return after cycling across some far flung mountain range in central Asia. We know you are out there, and we are here to serve you and make the best products for the job.


So with that in mind we would like to introduce our 2020 HUNT Beyond supported riders. We have picked a wide range of people to represent HUNT Beyond out on the trails and more crucially give us real world feedback to help develop the right wheels for the job.


Emma Pooley


Bike: Kinesis Tripster Ti

Wheels: HUNT Custom 650B Carbon Dynamo Disc


Emma Pooley may need no introduction to some with a professional road racing career that boasts both a world champions jersey and an Olympic medal. However, Emma’s passion for cycling is focused on more than just racing. Emma has a passion for getting out in the mountains, both running and cycling. Last year Emma took part in her first bike packing race ( FURTHER in the Pyrenees) and won by a substantial margin. In 2020 Emma will be trying her hand in more backpacking races and dipping her toe into the world of Mountain Biking.


Rodney Sonnco


Wheels: Mason x HUNT 650B Adventure Dynamo Disc


Rodney is based in Italy and has been almost unbeatable in the Bikingman ultra series over the past few year. In 2020 Rodney is turning his attention to some of the longer races in the Bikpacking calendar including Italy Divide and Tour Divide.


Jenny Tough

Bike: Shand Stooshie

Wheels: HUNT 650B Adventure Carbon Disc

Jenny is a seasoned adventurer having completed many adventures both by bike and on foot across the globe. Her long-term goal is to run across a mountain range on every continent, but while she works on that she has been known to ride events such as the Transcontinental Race, the Silk Road Mountain Race and the Atlas Mountain race.


Fabian Burri

Bike: Cannondale Topstone Carbon

Wheels: HUNT SuperDura Dynamo Disc

Fabian probably wins the prized for competing in the most ultra races per year. Ultras are Fabians way to explore the world and he has already ridden the Race Around Rwanda and the Atlas Mountain Race in 2020, with plenty more races planned.


Elenora Balbi

Bike: Cannondale Topstone

Wheels: Mason x HUNT 650B Adventure Dynamo Disc

 Elenora is based in Switzerland but can mostly be found travelling. Be it an Ultra race or a long tour Elenora loves to be out on her bike discovering new places. Recent trips have included Bali, Japan and Africa. In 2020 she will be riding FURTHER in the Pyrenees and the Rhino Run across South Africa and Namibia.


Rich Rothwell

Bike: Trek Fuel

Wheels: Mason x HUNT Search 29 MTB Dynamo Disc

Rich has a reputation in the mountain bike world for being a lover of long, hard technical rides. A former 24hour Masters world champion and mtb stage racer Rich has turned his attention to the rougher end of the bikepacking scale. His focus will be on the Highland Trail 550, along with a couple of other projects and rides.


Claire Frecknall

Bike: Riley Gradient

Wheels: HUNT 650B Adventure Carbon Disc


Claire lives locally to HUNT wheels on the Uk’s South Coast and can be found regularly riding on the South Downs. Claire loves nothing more than a bikepacking trip and kicked of 2020 with a 10 day tour around Morroco.

Sofiane Sehili

Bike: Niner Air9

Wheels: HUNT XC Wide MTB


Sofian is a cycle courier based in Paris and has recently made a big impact in the bikepacking world. He is vastly experienced with touring and has transitioned this into the world of Ultra racing. He finished 3rd in his first attempt at the Tour Divide and since then has won Italy Divide, Inca Divide and the Atlas mountain race. His eyes are firmly focused on the Tour Divide where he hopes to break Mike Halls records if conditions are favorable.


Josh Ibbett

Photo Ryan Le Garrec

Bike: Mason InSearchOf

Wheels: Custom HUNT 35 Carbon Gravel X-Wide Dynamo


Josh has been part of Hunt from the very beginning, both as a rider and employee. He has won the Transcontinental Race and Italy Divide on HUNT wheels, as long as multiple long bikepacking trips. In 2020 his focus is on Dirty Kanza and a second attempt at the Tour Divide where he hopes to build on his experience from 2019 and finish in 15days.

March 02, 2020
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