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VIDEO: HUNT CX [London X League 2016 R9: Leeds Castle]

Last year, a good friend of Hunt's, Josh Armstrong, decided to come along to a cylocross race with us & our good friends of Generation Press CC, to find out what all the fuss was about. He brought along a couple of cameras and kept himself quiet. Almost a year later, we're proud to present this sweet edit, an insight into this craziest of disciplines...

HUNT (huntbikewheels.com)
- Ollie Gray (Brand Manager - Road & CX)
- Dan Clark (Design & Technical)
- Josh Ibbett (former Brand Manager, now #prohobo and traveller of the world)
- Isaac Wright (Work Experience)

GPCC (generationpress.cc)
- Paul 'Scrub' Hewitt
- Aston Aston
- Richard Maguire

Moral support & heckling from Anand Gilks and Sasha Hewitt

- info@joshuajamesarmstrong.co.uk
- 07908 645832