Paddy 1

Every now and then we're caught off-guard by something that really catches our eye & we really like. More and more often, these small little features are aboard gravel bikes. How these bikes are progressing in terms of design, really makes us happy to see that gravel is really becoming a thing of its own and not a scaled up 'cross bike or a XC MTB with drop bars.

Long time friend of Hunt, Paddy, brought his new beauty down to see us and we couldn't help grab a couple of pictures. This Bergamont Grandurance is the latest addition to his quiver of bikes. Being a member of the Scott Sports UK Distribution, Paddy has the luxury of choosing from many different bikes. Paddy has chosen to keep it real and go with a carbon frameset Bergamont for his gravel riding. Looking at the components, everything on this bike is for purpose. While some might wonder about the Tiagra drivechain, you would be surprised to hear that this 10spd drivechain feels and shifts just as good as the top end stuff. And when everything is covered in mud this probably doesn't make a difference (it also won't hurt the bank if the worse is to happen). However, Paddy has not chosen to skimp out on braking power, sticking with a 105-level hydraulic set.

Paddy 2
Finally a pimp set of 1479g 30Carbon Gravel Disc wheels are shod with a set of tan-wall Schwalbe G-One Tyres, perfectly tying in with the colourful yellow, green and white fork.

And the reason why this bike really caught our eye - that front mudguard. No matter what anybody says, we think that is cool! Yes, we just got really excited about a mud guard - but look how cleanly integrated it is!

Paddy 3

Ride on Paddy!

April 10, 2018