Hunt Beyond:
Angus Young

One of the most talented athletes on the bikepacking scene it’s only a matter of time before Angus makes a result stick at one of the biggest events. He’s been close many times, will 2023 be the year luck is on his side?

Name: Angus Young

Hometown: Blandford Forum, Dorset UK

Years riding: 10

Longest bike ride: European Divide ITT 7800km

First Bike trip/ adventure: South Downs way over two days with some buddies in 2012.

Favourite ride snack: Marzipan

Wheels of choice: Hunt Search 29'' Dynamo Disc wheels

Cycling Highlights: Winning Pan Celtic 2021, European Divide trail FKT 32 days, 8 hours.

2023 Goals: Staying healthy and fit enough to smash Highland Trail 550 and Silk Road Mountain Race.

Follow Angus' adventures

Follow Angus' adventures