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Hunt Beyond:
Simone Eder

1st Female Finisher, Pan Celtic Race 2022

New to HUNT Beyond is Simone Eder. Simone spends time juggling her cycling with her young family and it must be said very successfully. She was the first female finisher at the 2022 Pan Celtic race and has a raft of top 10 overall results showing the men how it’s done! Welcome aboard Simone.

Simone smiling riding her bike

Name: Simone Eder

Hometown: Austrian living in Basel, Switzerland

Years riding: 4

Longest bike ride: 700km at the Three Peaks Bike Race 2021, 995km in one Go at the SUCH.bike 2021

First Bike trip/ adventure: SUCH.bike Race 2020

Favourite ride snack: Salty nut mix with chocolate cranberries

Wheels of choice: HUNT 650b Adventure Carbon Disc

Cycling Highlights: Ultra season of 2022 with 6th place overall at the Dead Ends & Cake, first female finisher at the Pan Celtic Race and the Trans Pyrenees Race within the Top 20s.

2023 Goals: Dead Ends & Dolci in Ticino, Switzerland and The Bright Midnight as my first Gravel Race and some epic bike adventures with my kids

Follow Simones adventures

Follow Simone's adventures