3 years. 3 wins. 3 riders. We've come to love the Perfs Pedal Race, for obvious reasons. This weekend saw the 54th edition of the race, and another win for the Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homesteam, this time from new signing Jacob Vaughan. Following a successful training camp in Calpe and some racing in Mallorca, this was the ideal way to get their domestic campaign underway. Hot off the press, here's a (very shorthand, but wonderfully concise) WhatsApp race summary from Assistant DS, Simon Holt...

"Paton was solo for a bit, group 7 formed with him & JV. 

Paton then went again, group caught him, went again, Damien jumped across then JV got across on his own.

Them 3 were attacking hell out of each other but JV prob fresher than Paton for finish"

The plan was always to have one of the younger guys win, despite Paton coming in as defending race winner and wearing number 1 on his back. Here's what he had to say on how easily him and Jacob got themselves up the road...

"You cant come to a bike race like this and underestimate guys, you have to show everyone here a good level of respect. Most of the guys racing here today have spent the week working in the office. We have spent the week riding, training and preparing for bike races, so you do have to give credit for how hard everyone else works!"


Thanks to team photographer Hugh McManus for the great shots as always!

February 11, 2019
Tags: Road/CX