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Chase The Chaise... An Irishman conquers Kanza

Lloyd Berry did the Dirty Kanza 200 and he did it on his 30 Carbon Gravel Disc wheels!

"We didn’t come all this way for you not to finish!" … the words of  'Butt & Sun Cream Enforcer',  as I collapsed in a heap in the shade, wrapped in an iced towel, forcing cold Coke down my throat.

There may be a bit mud and rain…

Ah sure not a bother, I am from Ireland, can handle a bit of that. Did a CX season and a 200km audax in minus 3 degrees. Can handle a bit of pain.

There may be a bit of distance and mind stuff…

Ah sure not a bother. I did a 350km audax. If your mind can handle that, all will be well.

You have to have the right equipment…the flint-hills are notorious…

Ah sure not a bother, buy a new bike, get the best wheels, tyres and puncture protection.

They forgot to mention the heat… because it has never been so hot and I literally melted, along with the rest of the field....

Check out the full story on his blog here: