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Limitless Technology: Explainer

Limitless Technology: An Explainer

Why Limitless?

Despite being 35mm wide at its widest external point, the HUNT 48 Limitless Aero Disc maintains a rim bed width of 22.5mm. This means that whilst the profile is optimised for the shape of a 28c tyre, the wheel is fully suitable for 25c and even 23c tyres. In addition to maintaining rim hooks for secure fitment, this means the 48 Limitless Aero Disc is compatible with all tubeless and clincher tyres on the market, and can be run at the pressures you like (within the tyre pressure guidelines). Whilst the wheel was designed around a Schwalbe Pro One 28, it’s important that riders are empowered to make their own decisions about tyre choice & pressures.
In short, the wider a rim (externally), then the more blunted the spoke bed profile can be, increasing aerodynamic performance across a wider range of yaw angles (as the airflow is predictable and does not separate to quite the same degree). To achieve a super-wide external measurement for aerodynamic performance, but maintaining a usable/practical internal, a conventional rim construction would entail thick rim side walls (resulting in a heavy rim). So, we had to explore construction methods not previously used before.

How Does It Work?

The Limitless technology (patent pending) enables us to build a rim that possesses the above dimensions/characteristics, whilst maintaining a weight that won’t detract from the all-round performance of the wheelset.
The rim has as much carbon-fibre material and mass as any other comparable road disc wheelset, and far surpasses ISO impact testing. During the production process, an initial shape is formed that forms the structure of the rim, using the same kind of layup found in a standard carbon rim.
Into the ‘channels’ of space that remain, we add a low density polymer (density only 0.7g/cm3 vs carbon fibre prepreg of 1.6g/cm3) that keeps the weight low whilst allowing us to maintain the wide aerodynamic profile. This is co-cured to the carbon during the curing process, resulting in a strong and uniform bond. You can even take your Limitless wheels onto the paths less travelled, as the rims are just as strong as any others.
The result of using this technology means we can save around 50-55g of rotational mass per rim. So, you can have a wheelset with the world’s fastest aero shape but also impressively low weight.

The LIMITLESS technology will be applied to other rim depths to provide a wider range of wheel options suitable for different racing styles and wind conditions, providing even more benefits to riders.

- HUNT White Paper

The Results

The wind tunnel data we recorded is shown against the full range of incumbent world-class aero wheels in the chart below. The results speak for themselves. The process and the knowledge gained from pushing the boundaries of aero wheel development creates huge opportunities to serve you with a wide range of world leading aerodynamic wheels.

For further reading on the testing & result analysis of the wind tunnel data, please click the link at the bottom of the page to head to our full research white paper.

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