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Definition Element Grey

The Definition has long been part of the MASON line up. Launching alongside the steel Resolution, the Definition is the alloy counterpart. Designed by MASON for a slightly punchier ride quality (offered by the stiffer frame material), the Definition is a do-it-all bike. Winter commutes, long all-day summer rides, #FastFar tours across Europe, club races or Sunday bunch rides – the Definition has all that covered.

Definition Element Grey

This year, the staple to Dom’s line up received a bit of a make-over. The Definition2 now includes all of the latest technology to keep up with MASON's “Make Progress” mantra. Now featuring thru axles front and rear, more solutions for a clean looking wireless electronic set up as well as flat mount caliper compatible mounts - the Definition2 has it all to suit modern drivelines and braking systems. As with all MASONs, a pair of HUNT wheels are featured on each build choice. Ranging from the original MASON x HUNT 4Season Disc, right through to the 30Carbon Aero Disc wheels – it suits any Hunt wheel for your riding needs.

And how can we forget to mention the all new Element Grey colour. This bike is stunning and certainly one we’d love to call our own!

Definition Element Grey


Photography by Jonty Tacon (@jontytacon)