Shimano MT905 6-Bolt Ice Tech Rotors (Pair)

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180mm (pair) - Limited Stock
180mm/203mm (pair) - Limited StockItems are selected to ship from us in the week stated. Delivery time is 3-6 days*
The pinnacle in mountain bike braking, XTR RT-MT905 disc brake rotors deliver superb stopping power for the most aggressive riding. The ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotors dissipate heat to maintain braking performance on long downhill stretches.

  • Delivering superb stopping power, consistency, and control for peak performance in the most challenging riding conditions.
  • Ultimate heat reduction of ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotor construction combined with special heat dissipation paint.
  • Dramatically lower surface temperature improves braking performance and consistency (less fade) while reducing system noise and extending pad life.
  • 203 mm RT-MT905 operates 100°C cooler compared with a 220 mm stainless steel disc brake rotor under the most extreme conditions with a more compact design
Rotors can be ordered in pairs when you place a wheel order and are available in the following configurations; 180mm(F&R), and 203mm(F)/180mm(R).